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Welcome to XinReality: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Wiki

XinReality is a VR, AR, XR Wiki. Our mission is to collect, clarify and consolidate any and every bit of information related to virtual reality and augmented reality. We are a community wiki written and maintained by fans and enthusiasts. To edit existing pages or create new pages, please login or register.
Virtual Reality or VR is a computer simulated, artificial environment that can take inspiration from the physical features of the real world or go beyond them. VR Devices are able to temporarily fool our senses into believing that the simulated world is real. This immersive medium has the power to create novel experiences that are unattainable anywhere else. VR can be considered synthetic, multi-sensory, interactive and immersive.
Augmented Reality or AR is the technology that combines the real world and the digital world. AR Devices enhance our perception of reality through the incorporation of computer generated information and imageries into our senses. These devices overlay data and rendered images onto physical objects and real-life environments. AR is not restricted to particular displays technologies (e.g. HMD) and potentially isn’t limited to the sense of sight.