Bullet Sorrow VR

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Bullet Sorrow VR
Bullet sorrow vr1.jpg
Developer VikingVRStudio
Publisher VikingVRStudio
Platform SteamVR, Oculus Rift (Platform)
Device HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Operating System Windows
Type Full Game
Genre Action, Violent, FPS, Bullet Time, VR
Input Device Tracked Motion Controllers
Play Area Standing, Room-Scale
Game Mode Single Player, Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer, Cross-Platform Multiplayer
Language English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese
Rating Teen
Review Very Positive
Release Date Apr 17, 2017
Price $19.99
App Store Steam
Website http://www.vikvr.com
Infobox Updated 08/21/2017
Bullet Sorrow VR is a VR App.


Bullet Sorrow VR is the latest title from a studio by the name of VikingVRStudio and what they’ve produced is a first-person VR shooter that almost everyone that have played it, consider it the spiritual successor to the Time Crisis series, except vastly better in almost every single way. Are they speaking the truth or is it nothing more than an over assumption? I think it’s about time I dived into the game and see if what the public is saying about it is true.

Bullet Sorrow VR has taken full control of its VR FPS system and thrust it completely into an experience that is quick, frantic, and the very definition of satisfying at times. When you first load in to the game, you’ve got a tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know in about 30 seconds – how to move, how to use cover, and how to shoot your weapons – then proceeds to put you right into the action. Once you pick up that pistol on the table, an enemy comes your way and starts to take pot-shots at you, thus starting you on your adventure.

How you move in this game is by aiming to a spot that you wish to move, hold down the button, and watch as you “blink” to that spot. It isn’t a very complicated way of moving across the map, but it does mean that the controls aren’t all that complicated and you can focus on what’s important: shooting people in the face!

Throughout the majority of the game, you’re bound to be dual-wielding your weapons and making the most out of the pair of controllers in your hands. From the beginning of the game, ever since you pulled the trigger for the first time, you’ll quickly come to understand just how satisfying the gunplay in this game really is. When you fire your weapons it has ample recoil that you’re going to have to fight over, but not to a degree that could be considered frustrating. Whenever a bullet makes contact with another enemy, the satisfaction quickly becomes apparent due to the sound the weapons make and the way enemies respond to being hit. Honestly, as far as FPS games go on VR systems, Bullet Sorrow VR is one of these games that manage to pull it off incredibly well!

Even though each individual stage that you go through is meant to be considered a story-based affair, I legitimately could not tell you a thing about what’s going on in this story. Unfortunately, the reason for this is a combination of the gameplay that is too much fun to ignore and how forgettable the story really is. For this game, gameplay is king and the story is a complete afterthought; similar to how old arcade shooters like Time Crisis used to be.

In terms of visuals, Bullet Sorrow VR does a good job of fleshing out the majority of its enemies and locations, especially so when you’re up in space on a ship. The setting reminds of something like the Alien franchise of movies and that’s a setting I can easily find myself getting behind. Weapons are all really well modelled, and even with a few hit-and-miss cases here and there, the game from an aesthetic standpoint succeeds with close to flying colours.

Previously, I forgot to mention one thing that FPS games don’t have too much of anymore and that’s a slow-motion feature. At the push of a button, you can activate slow-motion and bear witness as you see a myriad of bullets flying around you; resulting in a need for you as the player to make like Neo out of the Matrix and dodge them to the best of your abilities. While I must admit that it isn’t a perfect system at times and it does feel like some bullets I’ve dodged properly still somehow manage to hit me in some way; despite this it’s one of the many elements for this game that cements it as such a fun experience.

Overall, Bullet Sorrow VR is a great VR FPS game that plenty of people before me have mentioned that it reminds them a lot of Time Crisis, an accolade that I wouldn’t turn down in the slightest. From a story perspective it’s pretty darn weak and is quickly forgettable, but when you realise just how fast you get lost in the enjoyment of all the shooting and dodging bullets, you sort of forget all about the story and why it’s there to begin with.

Story may be a great let down, but the overall package you get in Bullet Sorrow VR makes it easily one of the best VR FPS games that are currently out on the market and as a result, I would warrant a recommendation to anyone looking for a brand new FPS game for their VR device.


Update Ver 1.1 and Full Released!

New Story for Arena Mode

Back to 2017, a radical research lab under S Corp had started a secret project, base on large number of clone subjects. They claimed "The Second Evolution for Human Being" as their dream. The secret project had achieve some success, created new type clones with specail genetic talent. However disaster happened after one researcher had accidentally overdosed the subjects----Most clones went ballistic and became infectious, then immediately the whole lab was abandoned and strickly isolated. 13 years had past, other than the only one successfully evoluted clone, what else there could be...?

· Infinite Arena mode, a brand new map, carefully written darker story of "S Corp" ;

· Super gene buff system, enhance your weapon with secret gene power to smash the infected enemies.

Multiplayer Realtime Combat

· Autonomic server; Matching battle; Can jump in a game at any time.

· Cross-platform competition, both Vive and Rift users can join. Support up to 10 players in one game;

· Get ready with your new skill---- "Bullet-time force field" ;

· 3 new different style polished new battle field to choose.

Other New Features

· Oculus Optimization : Rotation for facing direction added, more fair on cross-platform competition now;

· Save Points Added . There will be several saving opportunities in easy and middle difficulties.

· More under developing...


In the near future of the 2030's, the mysterious global arms corporation, named "S Corp", has made incredible advancements in the field of weaponry and human augmentation. Little is known, however, of the depths of the enigmatic company's experimentation and the true limits of its technology.

You, the player, wake up in one of S Corp's air bases with no memory of how you got there, but possessing a powerful ability allowing you to influence time. Before long, an apparent ally named Nova appears to guide you through waves of enemies and ultimately help you retrieve your memory. Your objective is simple and clear; break into S Corps headquarters, find out who you really are and expose the secret at the dark heart of a sinister corporation.


·Fast-paced, diverse action -----  Slick, competent enemy AI combined with a complex VR environment will force you to think on your feet, move and dodge in thrilling single player battle. Blink into different bunkers to flank enemies or get into the heart of the action - like living your favorite action movie!
·Super-neat bullet time ability in VR ---- a refined time freezing experience of another level, bringing “quiet” moments of almost meditative calm mid-battle, all while continuing the fight. 
·Hardcore and precise shooting experience ----- Brilliant physical collision effects and almost-real weaponry with precisely calculated trajectory,


System Requirements



  • OS: WIN7
  • Processor: I5 4570
  • Memory: 4096 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce gtx970
  • Storage:


  • OS: WIN7
  • Processor: I7 4570
  • Memory: 8192 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce gtx1070
  • Storage: 920 MB available space

Setup Instructions

Requires a play area with 360° tracking.

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