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Platform Oculus Rift (Platform), SteamVR
Device Rift, HTC Vive
Operating System Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, iOS
Type Full Game
Genre Sandbox, MMORPG
Website http://voxelnauts.com/
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Voxelnauts is a sandbox MMORPG and a virtual reality game. It is sometimes referred to as a virtual reality sandbox metaverse. Voxelnauts’ metaverse is going to feature different worlds. The game draws inspiration from the novel Ready Player One, retro gaming, and world-building games such as Minecraft. Players are going to be able to travel across the different world, interact with NPCs and other gamers, build, hunt or harvest, fight and even integrate their own custom content into the core game.


Playable Classes

There are currently five playable classes that have been introduced so far. These include the architect, smith, miner, warrior, and designer.

Multiverse of Different Planets

Voxelnauts is planned to be a multiverse of many different planets. The player is going to be able to travel freely between these worlds and even transport items from one world to the other. Each world is going to be unique and build by somebody else. As such, each of them is going to offer a different style, gameplay mechanics, atmosphere, and lore.

New players start on Oasis, which serves as a tutorial level that introduces basic gameplay mechanics. Players can then continue with their adventures on the planet or venture out and explore the universe. Deep Space Station 1 orbits above Oasis and serves as the central hub for commerce. Future places include Hyperion, which is supposed to be a PvP exclusive planet.

Developing Tools

Voxelnauts come with a set of developing tools that enable players and content creators to design their own assets using popular modeling tools like Blender, MagicaVoxel, and others. These game assets can be easily imported into the game and used alongside canonical content.

Supported Platforms

The game currently runs on 64-bit versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It should later support also PS4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

Supported VR Platforms

Developers would like to support as many VR platforms as possible, but the final number is unknown. The only two confirmed platforms are the Oculus Rift (Platform) and HTC Vive.


The game is currently buy-to-play with no monthly fees. These could be possibly introduced later in the future with planet hosting. It is also possible that developers will shift to the free-to-play payment model and generate their revenue using other methods.


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