Vision Summit 2016

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Vision Summit 2016
Type Conference
Presenter Unity
Sponsor Oculus VR, Qualcomm Vuforia, Sony, SteamVR
Location Loews Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, CA, U.S.
Dates 2/10/2016 - 2/11/2016
Previous Vision Summit 2015
Next Vision Summit 2017

Vision Summit 2016 also known as Vision 2016 Virtual and Augmented Reality Summit is the first annual VR and AR conference hosted by Unity. The 2 day event takes place in Loews Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, California on February 10 and 11 2016.

Vision VR/AR Awards

Award Finalists Winner
Vision Inspire Award Fantastic Contraption, Faster Than Light, I Expect You to Die I Expect You to Die by Schell Games
Best VR Experience Fantastic Contraption, Job Simulator, Thunderbird: The Legend Begins Thunderbird: The Legend Begins by Innervision Games
Best AR Experience Eleanor of Ayer, Faster Than Light, Table Zombies Eleanor of Ayer by Gelly Bomb Games
Technical Achievement Award EasyAR Engine, Modbox, Residential Condominium: Architectural Visualization Modbox by Alientrap
Artistic Achievement Award Lucid Trips - Whateverland, SENS, TECHNOLUST TECHNOLUST by IRIS VR Inc
Best Game Budget Cuts, Classroom Aquatic, I Expect You to Die Budget Cuts by Neat Corporation
Best Film/Interactive Story Apollo 11 VR, The Fabulous Journeys of Teo & Leonie, The Shoebox Diorama Apollo 11 VR by Immersive VR Education
Best Live-Action Experience Get Barreled in Tahiti with Samsung Gear VR, Sinking, U2 Song for Someone - Vrse U2 Song for Someone – Vrse by Chris Milk, U2, Apple, Vrse



Other Speakers

  • Adding Interactivity to Immersive Cinema with Unity by Andrew Cochrane (Mirada Studios)
  • Adding natural motion to VR experiences by Fred Meyer (Vizuality Studio Ltd.) and Phil Morris (Vizuality Studio Ltd.)
  • Adventures in Cinematic VR: A Year in Review by Eric Shamlin (Secret Location)
  • Augmented Creativity: Bridging the real and virtual worlds to enhance creative play by Mattia Ryffel (Disney Research Zurich)
  • Building Inside the Box: Creating Complex Rooms and Covering a Lot of Ground in Room-Scale VR by Jono Forbes (Archean / Defective Studios)
  • Cityscapes in Mixed and Virtual Reality by Kelly Malone (Taqtile)
  • Creating Mixed Reality Apps with Vuforia by David Beard (PTC Inc)
  • Don’t just teleport - How to walk around something that is bigger than your tracked space by Diego Montoya (RE’FLEKT GmbH) and Daniel Sproll (RE’FLEKT GmbH)
  • Emotional Presence in Virtual Reality: The Making of Café me and Sisters by Robyn Gray (Otherworld Interactive)
  • Enterprise-Grade AR for Operational Environments: A Postmortem by Steve Richey (Float Mobile Learning)
  • Finding Monsters Adventure VR Experience by Gabriela Thobias (Black River Studios) and Rafael Ferrari (Black River Studios)
  • Ghostly Mansion: Solving the mystery of developing for Project Tango by Aaron Pulkka (Rabbx Inc.)
  • Making world sensing games with Project Tango by Johnny Lee (Google)
  • Multiplatform VR - Shipping a Vive, Oculus, and PlayStation VR in Unity by Alex Schwartz (Owlchemy Labs) and Devin Reimer (Owlchemy Labs)
  • Postmortem: Bringing Adventure Time to Virtual Reality by Holden Link (Turbo Button) and Nic Vasconcellos (Turbo Button)
  • The Cognitive Implications of Widespread VR by Timoni West (Unity Technologies) and Dioselin Gonzalez (Unity Technologies)
  • Using Vuforia to Build Breakthrough Experiences on Mobile and Eyewear by Brigitte Alexander (PTC Inc)
  • Virtual Reality Arcades: Today and Tomorrow by Ivan Blaustein (VRcade) and Jamie Kelly (VRcade)
  • What People Do in VR: Designing believable experiences by Kimberly Voll (Radial Games)
  • Audio challenges in virtual reality by Nicolas Tsingos (Dolby Laboratories)
  • How to Successfully Adapt Mobile Games into VR Games by Guy Ben dov (Side-Kick Games)

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