Virtual Reality Use Cases

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Use Case Examples
3D modeling / design Medium, Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch
Aerial Photography Skywand
Anatomy VR Human Anatomy, YouVR
Animal testing Janelia Research Campus
Arcades and Theme Parks THE VOID, Rise of the Demon, Nomadic VR, Anvio VR, Dreamscape Immersive
Architecture IrisVR, Arch Virtual, SmartVizX
Astronomy dSky Celestrion
Automotive design WorldViz
Big data visualisation Masters of Pie, Envelop VR, Virtualitics
Cinema Jaunt VR
Circus Two Bit Circus
Cognitive training Cerevrum
Computer-aided design VRED
Construction IDEAbuilder
Courtroom Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Zurich
Desktop Virtual Desktop, BigScreen, Multiscreens, Mure VR, Envelop VR
Ecommerce Trillenium
Education Unimersiv, Lecture VR, IndyLab VR, SuperChem VR (Chemistry Lab)
Exercise VirZoom
Eye examination EyeNetra
Finance QuantVR
Flying drones FLYBi, Ghost 2.0
Gaming Many
Industrial training EON Reality, VR Mobile Crane Simulator
Interior design Planner VR
Journalism Emblematicgroup
Language learning House of Languages
Manufacturing Virtalis
Marketing 10x Army
Mental health CleVR, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
Meditation Zen Zone, Guided Meditation VR
Pain relief DeepStream VR, KindVR
Performance Theatre VR
Public speaking SpeechCenter
Physical rehabilitation VRecover
Recruitment Wade & Wendy
Sports spectating NextVR, Livelike
Sports training STRIVR Labs
Social networking AltspaceVR, High Fidelity, Oculus Social
Surgery training Surgical Theater, Medical Realities
Surgical imaging Block Coronary Artery Surgery
Vision treatment Vivid Vision