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{{Device Infobox
|Display=aspherical lens
|Resolution=1920 x 1080
|Pixel Density=
|Rotational Tracking=[[Gyroscope]], [[Magnetometer]], [[Accelerometer]]
|Positional Tracking=
|Update Rate=
|Cable Length=
|Release Date=December 2014
[[ANTVR]] is the first universal a wireless [[virtual reality ]] [[HMD]] combined with a transformable controller. The kit. It combines an HMD display with a transformable controller that can be used as a gamepad, lightsaber, gun, and joystick. The projected started on Kickstarter in 2014.
The headset is compatible with many mainstream platforms, including [[PC]], [[Xbox]], [[PlayStation]], and [[Android ]] devices.
It offers a low-latency, 360-degree head tracking, which allows users to look around the virtual environment just like if they were actually standing inside. The effect of [[immersion ]] is made even more pronounced thanks to 100-degree diagonal [[field of view]]. This gives users an IMAX-like experience in the comfort of their own homes.<ref></ref>
ANTVR comes with its own controller, which can be used as a gamepad, lightsaber, gun, or joystick.<ref></ref>

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