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{{Device Infobox
|VR/AR=[[Virtual Reality]]
|Type=[[Head-mounted display]]
|Subtype=[[Discrete HMD]]
|Operating System=[[Windows]], [[Xbox]], [[PlayStation]], [[Android]]
|Requires=[[PC]], [[Xbox One]], [[PlayStation 4]], Smartphone
|Resolution=1920 x 1080
|Pixel Density=
|Refresh Rate=
|Field of View=100° diagonal
|Rotational Tracking=
|Positional Tracking=
|Update Rate=
|Tracking Volume=
|Input=[[Transformable Controller]]
|Connectivity=U2B (USB-2.4GHz and Bluetooth) module
|Cable Length=
|Release Date=
[[ANTVR]] is the first universal virtual reality kit. It combines an HMD display with a transformable controller that can be used as a gamepad, lightsaber, gun, and joystick. The projected started on Kickstarter in 2014.
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