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How to Get Started in VR Development

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** [ E4 Developer Livestream: Up and Running with Gear VR]
* '''[[Google Cardboard]]''', available as cheap as free
* '''[[Google Daydream]]''' - $99
* '''[[OSVR HDK 2]]''' - $399
<includeonly>=</includeonly>===Web VR===<includeonly>=</includeonly>
* '''[[Vizor]]''' is a web app that allows you to construct 3D scenes and view them across numerous platforms, including from mobile devices. Although it isn't as powerful as a game engine or open-source web platform, it is very straightforward and a great way to start creating in VR without an expensive headset. The [ Vizor blog] has several tutorial posts.
* '''[[Responsive WebVR]]''' is a cross-platform, web-based VR platform [ available for modification on GitHub]. You'll probably want to brush up on [[Three.js]].
<includeonly>=</includeonly>===Unreleased, but preliminary development possible===<includeonly>=</includeonly>
* '''[[Google Daydream]]''' - unavailable but supported by UE4 now, Unity support coming in the summer
* '''[[OSVR HDK 2]]''', $399 - will be released in July; no announced motion control
<includeonly>=</includeonly>==2. Learn about the software==<includeonly>=</includeonly>

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