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How to Get Started in VR Development

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* Fuseman's '''[ Introduction to VR UI in Unity]''' livestream tutorial, which explains concepts useful beyond Unity.
* '''[ UE4 HTC Vive - How to interact with a menu using Motion controllers]''' on YouTube
* '''[[VR Sicknesssickness]]'''
This requires some kind of scripting language. Unreal Engine 4 has an intuitive, flowchart-like scripting system called '''Blueprint Visual Scripting''', and if you're not yet comfortable programming, this may be useful for you to get started. Check [[here]] for a general introduction to Blueprints. Blueprints are powerful enough to do entire projects without having to write a line of code (though you'll be using many programming concepts). Otherwise, both Unreal and Unity have a native programming language. For Unreal, it's '''C++''', and for Unity, it's '''C#'''. Many people who are aspiring VR devs have little to no programming experience, so this step can be particularly daunting. We want to help you get past this hurdle also, so we'll be updating this wiki with resources that will teach you the fundamental programming concepts needed for VR dev.

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