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How to Get Started in VR Development

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** '''[[MODO Indie]]''' ($15/month or $300) is an 3D sculpting, painting, and animation tool that caters to game designers and hobbyist artists learning 3D.
** '''[[Speedtree]]''' ($19/month) is useful for designing procedurally-generated 3D models of trees, plants, and all sorts of branching structures. These can later be extracted with many options for use in photorealistic landscapes.
===Photogrammetry (3D scanning)===
Like VR, 3D photo scanning is another futuristic technology now available for dirt cheap, and with mobile solutions. 3D scanning using photos involves taking many photographs (usually upwards of thirty) of a real-life object from as many angles as possible. These photographs are then imported into software such as [[Agisoft Photoscan]] or one of Autodesk's many solutions (they keep buying up companies, it seems), which generate highly detailed meshes from these photographs. The meshes and their color/diffuse texture map can then be exported and used in a game engine as a regular asset. [[This YouTube video]] competently demonstrates the entire process in ten minutes.
* '''Photogrammetry and 3D-scanning'''
** '''[[Agisoft Photoscan]]''' (from $179), a 3D scanning suite which uses DSLR photos as its source.
** '''Autodesk offers a few different photogrammetry solutions''', from the free mobile- and cloud-based [[123D Catch]] to desktop photogrammetry software [[Remake]] and [[Recap 360]]. [[Here's a thread]] which discusses the differences between Autodesk's various photogrammetry solutions.
===Audio & Music===
Audio in VR doesn't need to be treated very differently from music and sound effects in movies or traditional games. Like with graphics, there is an emphasis on realism and quality. The most immersive audio in VR with be positionally spatialized depending upon the direction the player is facing respective to the sound source; Unity and UE4 must be configured for audio specialization to function correctly.
* Audio production
** '''[[Audacity]]''', although simple on the surface, is a powerful and reliable audio editor that is entirely free and open source.
** For '''royalty-free stock audio''', check out [[The Free Sound Project]], the [[#GameAudioGDC Bundle]], and the [[Oculus Audio Pack]].
** Check out Oculus's [[introduction to audio spatialization]] and the Oculus Connect talk [[3D Audio: Designing Sounds for VR]]

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