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How to Get Started in VR Development

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3D models
** '''[[Pixologic ZBrush]]''' (from $795, student discounts available) is a 3D sculpting application, which provides more creative flexibility than traditional modelling applications such as Maya or 3ds Max, and is known for its powerful handling of high-polygon and photorealistic models. The functionally-equivalent Autodesk software is Mudbox.
** '''[[Blender]]''' is an entirely free and open source 3D modelling, animation, and game design suite. It is very powerful with great flexibility, but has a much steeper learning curve than commercially-developed software.
** You can '''buy and download models and 3D scans ''' at sites like [[Turbosquid ]] and [[Sketchfab]].
** '''[[MODO Indie]]''' ($15/month or $300) is an 3D sculpting, painting, and animation tool that caters to game designers and hobbyist artists learning 3D.
** '''[[Speedtree]]''' ($19/month) is useful for designing procedurally-generated 3D models of trees, plants, and all sorts of branching structures. These can later be extracted with many options for use in photorealistic landscapes.

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