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Basic Info
Type Camera
Subtype Virtual Reality Camera
Developer GoPro
Release Date September 8, 2015
Price $15,000
Website gopro.com/odyssey
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Odyssey is a virtual reality camera developed by GoPro. It is the first camera built utilizing Google's Jump platform. Odyssey is composed of 16 GoPro HERO4 Black cameras lining the rim of a ring-shaped array. It uses Jump's software to stitch together feed from each GoPro camera to create stereoscopic 3D and panoramic videos.

In May 2016, Odyssey was shipped to select VR companies, WEVR, VRSE, Specular, Surreal, Theory and Two Bit Circus, through a limited access pilot program.


Stereoscopic Panoramic - Records immersive 360˚ 3D video with unrivaled depth perspective for realistic playback on VR devices.

High-Resolution Render - Jump assembler technology results in incredibly realistic video capture of up to 8K30.

Synchronized Rig - All 16 HERO4 cameras are synced down to the pixel level to function as one camera.

Extended Power - Ideal for longer recording times and additional power supply in remote locations.

Rugged All-In-One Housing - Designed to withstand the rigors of professional use.[1]


Odyssey Panoramic Camera Rig, 16 HERO4 Black Cameras, 16 Array Bacpacs, 16 microSD cards, Pelican Case and cables and accessories.[1]


Part Spec
Size 294.6mm x 65.8mm
Weight 6.57kg (14.5lbs)
Video Resolution 2.7K 4:3
30 NTSC frames per second, 25 PAL frames per second

Output resolutions (via Jump)
2kx2k over under panoramic MPEG4 video with a bit rate of 150Mbit/s
8kx8k over under panoramic MPEG4 video with a bit rate of 600Mbit/s
Video Format h.264 codec, .mp4 file format (after stitch)
Power 16 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (rated at 1160mAh, 3.8V, 4.4Wh)
Support for external power(AC/DC) via XLR connector
Audio 16 internal microphones: Mono
External microphone support: Stereo supported with 3.5mm Mic Adapter 2 (Zoom H2N external recorder kit included)



Google's Jump


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