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Type Camera
Subtype Virtual Reality Camera
Developer Google
Manufacturer GoPro
Camera 16 GoPro HERO4, 16 other cameras
Website https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/jump/
Jump is an 3D virtual reality camera platform designed by Google. At its core, Jump consist of a camera rig, an assembler and a video player. Featuring 16 viewpoints, the Jump's camera design will be released to the public to allow 3rd parties to build and sell the devices. Jump's assembler combines multiple video feeds to create a seamless 3D environment. The goal of Jump is to create 360 Videos by capturing stereoscopic 3D footage in 360 degrees around the device. Jump's videos are supported by YouTube.

Google has teamed up with GoPro to create the first version of the Jump camera called Odyssey. It features a ring-shaped array with 16 GoPro HERO4 cameras lining the rim. It uses software to stitch together the footage from various cameras to create the stereoscopic and panoramic videos.


  • Stereoscopic 3D in every direction.
  • Seamless panoramic video without boarders.
  • Resolution is equivalent of 5 Ultra HD (4K) TVs playing at once.


Odyssey, first Jump camera created by GoPro, consist of 16 GoPro HERO4 cameras arranged facing outward in a ring.


  • Frame level synchronization of all 16 cameras.
  • An assembler that stitches multiple video feeds to create seamless 3D world.
  • Storage architecture to record video locally then transfer it to the cloud.
  • Highly parallel hardware pipelines to process and reduce the data to a manageable rate.


May 28, 2015 Announced in Google I/O 2015.

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