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Oculus Store
Platforms Quest, Rift, Go, Gear VR
Devices Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR
Operating Systems Android, Windows
Accessible Mobile, PC, Standalone
Developer Oculus, Facebook
Website https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/
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Oculus Store is the official Virtual Reality App Store for the Oculus HMDs owned by Facebook. The app store is accessible within VR as well as in 2D on PC and mobile devices. You can purchase popular titles like Beat Saber, Rec Room, Job Simulator, and Superhot VR.


Apps submitted to the Oculus Store undergo a content and technical review.[1] They are given a comfort rating to indicate if they are likely to induce simulator sickness or cause psychological trauma. They also receive an Age Rating through the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC).[2]

Developers have the option of implementing cross-buy between devices like Quest 2 and Rift, but your progress could be lost when switching between Oculus devices with different operating systems.[3] Developers are free to distribute their apps on other App Stores beyond the Oculus Store, as well.

Developers also have the option of enabling subscription payments for apps and choice content. [4]



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