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Oculus Link
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Type Accessory


The Oculus Link allows you to connect your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 to a PC. This expands the library of games that you can play on these stand-alone VR headsets. It turns these Integrated HMDs into Discrete HMDs similar to the original Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. For optimal PC specs, visit Oculus Quest 2.[1]

To use Oculus Link, you must have an Oculus Link-compatible cable and download the Oculus PC app. This will also enable you to play Rift content on your Quest devices.[1]

Facebook sells their own branded Oculus Link cable (USB-C, fiber-optic) that is 16 ft long (5m). However, Oculus Link will work so long as you purchase a "high-quality" USB cable, like Anker's, to support the load of data and power required by VR. Make sure the cable is long enough for game play - at least 10 ft (3m).[2]

You can find information on setting up Oculus Link through Oculus Support.[3]


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