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Type Private
Industry 3D Graphics, Cloud Technology
Founded 2008
Founder Jules Urbach, Alissa Grainger, Malcolm Taylor
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Website http://home.otoy.com/

OTOY is a cloud graphics company based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Jules Urbach (CEO), Alissa Grainger (President) and Malcolm Taylor (CTO) in 2008. OTOY's technology has moved high-end graphical processing to the cloud. Utilizing clusters of multiple GPUs, OTOY renders 3D graphics and streams them to its clients, such as filmmakers, game developers and animators, in real time.

In addition to its rendering technology, OTOY has LightStage, a facial scanning technology and XI.0, a service that allows the user to run Windows desktop applications in the cloud.

Render the Metaverse, a VR art competition from April 27 to July 26, 2015, was sponsored by OTOY.

Light Fields

OTOY was the first company to demonstrate real time light field capture for Virtual Reality.[1] Its light field sampler system rotates 2 cameras in a circle to capture the light field data of the entire spherical area around it. The data is processed and rendered with OTOY's technology to create a virtual environment that can be explored by an user wearing a head-tracking HMD.

The technology can be used to create real time, live action VR.



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