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Type Audio Devices
Subtype 3D audio headphone
Tracking Head tracking
Audio 3D
Input Microphone
Connectivity USB+Aux Connection
Power 10 hours battery


OSSIC X is an advanced 3D audio listening system jointly developed by Pioneer and Logitech. Technology enthusiasts got the first-hand experience of the 3D audio headphone at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas.

Lately, visual content in the form of virtual reality and augmented reality is becoming more immersive. But, sadly audio content seems to have missed the bus, until now. Virtual reality won’t become truly immersive without focusing on the audio.

OSSIC X, which is packed with the latest innovative technology, opens up new, never before experienced, dimensions of sound. The makers have combined head tracking systems with 3D audio algorithms to deliver truly realistic and immersive sound to the ears.

So far virtual reality headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have hogged the limelight; now it’s time to shift the focus to audio. OSSIC X 3D headphone is leading the audio revolution.

OSSIC X 3D audio headphone is already making heads turn. The hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, the company started, raised over $2.7 million, which is a lot higher than the target of $1 million set by the company. The OSSIC X also won the CES 2017 Innovation Award.

The Need for 3D Audio Headphone

Until recently, the best headphone experience one could get was from the Virtual Surround system. The virtual surround system uses the Digital Sound Processing technique to somewhat adjust the audio to give the illusion of directionality. The virtual surround system widely used in gaming headsets, at best, produces front-to-back effects. Even if the left-to-right stereo effect is added to the mix, users won’t really feel the sound emanating from the source in the 3D space. The 5.1 and 7.1 might help users experience the direction and depth of the audio, but we can’t wear them on the head. The OSSIC X 3D headphone will change the way we hear and perceive sound in the 3D environment.


The OSSIC X looks like any other headphone, but on closer look will reveal its many interesting design features. The exterior of the ear cups is made of a durable metal and the headband connecting the ear cups are unbreakable. The inner layers of the headband and ear pads are detachable and washable. Just above the ear cup is located the micro-adjust 360 metal hinges and inside the ear pads is the anechoic enhancer, which ensures there is no echo.

Why OSSIC X is a Big Deal

According to the makers of OSSIC X, this is the first time instantly a headphone calibrates to the wearer. The headphone uses sophisticated 3D audio algorithms, along with individual anatomy calibration and head-tracking technology to bring the most accurate and realistic three-dimensional sound to the listener’s ears.

The OSSIC X headphone does not require any custom setup. The innovations introduced by OSSIC X drastically enhance the sound quality, conveys a realistic sense of 3D auditory space, and gives the listener the real world feel. By delivering realistic 3D audio, OSSIC X has made virtual reality truly immersive.

Custom Audio to Suit the Anatomy

There are several factors that determine how we hear a sound. One such crucial factor is our physical anatomy. Not every person hears sound the same way. We may think, we do, but our anatomy determines how the sound waves enter the ears. The elements that matter the most are the ear shape, head size, and torso. All these elements that influence the way we hear sound is termed as Head-Related-Transfer-Function or HRTF. The HRTF differs from person to person.

The Shortcomings of the Current Headphones

The terms anatomy or HRTF is never associated with traditional headphones. When the sound is not tailored to the anatomy the experience is far from realistic and accurate. The listener feels the audio is originating near his ears and not from the objects around. With the traditional headphones, the listener never gets to know what immersive 3D audio actually feels like.

As yet 3D headphones haven’t found wide acceptability for a number of reasons. The current 3D audio systems aren’t that good. They attempt to deliver three-dimensional audio without calibrating it to the listener’s anatomy. Some systems deliver 3D audio only under controlled conditions, which puts it beyond the reach of the general population. Finally, the 3D audio algorithms used by the current headphones are not advanced enough to deliver quality sound.

OSSIC X 3D Audio Headphone Features

OSSIC X delivers ten times the immersive experience given by current 3D audio technologies. OSSIC X ensures listeners get the most accurate audio placement and the best sound quality because of the following features.

Head Tracking: This feature will make the sound come from a distant source, outside the head. The sound will stay set in space.

Head Calibration: Without using a lab, the head calibration feature will calibrate the torso and head. This feature ensures a higher level of immersion and enhanced sound quality.

Multi-Driver Array: The multi-driver array ensures the correct portion of the ear receives the sound. Eight drivers work as a team to produce the real life 3D experience.

The Three Benefits of OSSIC X 3D Audio Headphone

  • Unparalleled immersive experience in virtual reality
  • Changes the way we hear music and movies
  • Unlocks the dimensional audio in video gaming

Cost and Release Date

OSSIC is open to pre-orders for $299. The special price offer is only valid till the stock lasts. The pre-order price does not include the shipping charge. The estimated delivery time for pre-order customers is July 2017.


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