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Type Private
Industry Cloud Computing, Technology, Gaming
Founder Herman Narula, Rob Whitehead
Headquarters London, England
Notable Personnel Nick Button-Brown, Sam Kalnins
Products SpatialOS


Improbable is a cloud computing and technology startup based in London, England. It was founded by 2 computer scientists, Herman Narula and Rob Whitehead, from University of Cambridge. Improbable is developing a platform called SpatialOS that enables large scale simulations. It can be used to create a large and seamless world containing many players and objects by allowing for parallelization among large number of machines. Developers can create a simulation that runs on 1 machine then easily scale it with Improbable's technology to numerous machines to create the massive simulated world.

Improbable's technology can be used to create a large Virtual Reality world with many users simultaneously interacting in it. The idea of Metaverses is very popular in VR. Improbable can help to bring the idea to fruition by building an engine that can drive massive, social VR worlds.


SpatialOS is a distributed operating system / game engine that enables developers to build massive, detailed simulations across thousands of machines in the cloud.

How SpatialOS works

Entities - SpatialOS enables developers to create applications made up of a large set of entities interacting within a virtual 3D space.

Components - These entities have sets of components to define their characteristics.

Workers - The components are implemented by workers, specialized processes that SpatialOS applications automatically scale and re-distribute in real time to maximise efficiency. A worker can be your own application or one of our pre-existing integrations.

By defining your application in this way, SpatialOS can scale to millions of entities, spawning as many workers as necessary across thousands of computers to simulate the entities of your application.[1]

Games using Improbable's technology

Worlds Adrift


MetaWorld - persistent VR chess game by HelloVR

Immense Simulations built a full-scale simulation of Manchester, UK on a match day.


May 11, 2017 - Improbable announced that it has raised $502 million from Softbank, valuing it over $1 billion.

December 13, 2016 - Improbably announced that they have partnered with Google Cloud Platform to provide SpatialOS to developers starting in 2017.

March 24, 2015 - Improbable announced that it has raised $20 million from VC firm Andreessen Horowitz.



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