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Haptics or Tactile feedback is a technology that produces the sense of touch through physical stimulation. Haptics can improve the user's immersion in a VR world. It allows users to experience physical sensations caused by their actions in a virtual environment. When a user picks up a cup in the virtual world, the user should feel the realistic sensations of a cup in his or her hand. Even though the cup is not present in the real world.

In traditional video game controllers, "rumble" is often used to produce tactile feedback.


In SIGGRAPH technology conference, Japanese scientists Tomohiro Amemiya and Hiroaki Gomi demonstrated 2 Force display devices: Traxion and Buru-Navi3. When held, these devices can cause push and pull sensations while vibrating in place. The force these devices generate is strong enough to guide a blind person.[1]

Buru-Navi3 is a wine-cork sized device that contains a 40-hertz electromagnetic actuator. When held between 2 fingers, it creates a force illusion in towards or away from the user.

Traxion is a similar device developed by Jun Rekimoto. The device also creates a virtual force by asymmetrically vibrating the actuator.


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