Flying Eye

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Flying Eye
Flying Eye from 360 Designs.jpg
Basic Info
Type VR Drone
Creator 360 Designs
Price $75000
Resolution 6K 30fps (max.)
Latency <1 sec
Audio 6 Audio channels
Camera Mini EYE 3
Connectivity Video Output: 1 x 6G SDI (Max 4K30 10 bit uncompressed video output); IP Stream (Ethernet) Video Output: 6K NDI or 6K 30fps H.265 / HEVC
Input 3 x 6G SDI (4K 10 bit uncompressed)
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Live virtual reality broadcasting specialist 360 Designs has launched the world’s first 6K 360-degree VR broadcast quality live streaming drone called Flying Eye. The system has an impressive range of over 5 miles and it can be operated by one person. The makers exhibited and conducted live demos of the VR drone during this year’s National Association of Broadcasters Convention held in Las Vegas. The Flying Eye VR drone can be purchased directly from 360 Designs for $75000.

The Flying Eye VR Drone

The introduction of the Flying Eye VR drone by 360 Designs marks a watershed moment in the history of virtual reality technology. The makers wanted to do something that was never done before – to create a drone platform that professionals can use to capture and broadcast live high-quality 360-degree VR videos. After years of research 360 Designs built the Flying Eye system.

The 360-degree video the Flying Eye VR drone captures has practical applications in the 2D dominated television broadcasting industry. Not too long ago, 360 designs successfully extracted high-definition quality 2D feed that’s pannable and zoomable from the original live 360-degree video.

The Flying Eye system is designed for professionals, hence virtual reality supervisors, technical directors, and producers can be assured that the workflow and camera sensors are of the highest quality. The video captured using the Flying Eye drone can be live streamed directly to any VR headset, Facebook, and YouTube.

The Flying Eye comprises of the drone DJI Matrice 600 Pro and the Blackmagic Micro Studio 4K cameras. The camera attached to the drone captures ultra-high-quality 360-degree video at 6K resolution at 60fps. One of 360 Designs’ own creations, the Breeze system is used for wireless transmission. The transmitted footage is automatically stitched and delivered as 6K H.265 (HEVC), 6K NDI, and 4K SDI outputs.

The VR drone also has a camera stabilization system and a 6K stitching algorithm that automatically stitches the footage perfectly. The battery used in the Flying Eye VR drone system can power just 10 to 20 minutes of flight time. The camera and M 4/3 interchangeable lens mount can accommodate various types of lenses. The Flying Eye VR drone has a range of over 5 miles.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Video: The wireless system used captures 360-degree ultra-high-quality 6k video. The system has a latency of less than a second.
  • Long Range: The Flying Eye live streaming drone has an impressive wireless range of over 5 miles (over 8 kilometers).
  • Camera: 360 Designs has mounted its best camera on the drone. The system uses the Mini Eye 3 camera (featuring Blackmagic Micro Studio 4K cameras), which is one of the more popular models of the company. Other SDI, HDMI, or 3-camera based virtual reality devices are also compatible with the Flying Eye system.
  • Stitching: Very few of the live streaming 360 VR drones are around because of the stitching issue. The makers of Flying Eye, 360 Designs have adopted a fully automated live streaming system. The system has done away with the post-recording 360-degree video stitching by using the Breeze 6K wireless transmission system with an automated, fully integrated live stitching system. The outcome of the stitching process is videos that have a resolution of 3K 60fps, 4K 60fps, or 6K 30fps videos.
  • Ultra High Definition 2D Videos: The Breeze wireless transmission system and the stitching system can also transmit greater than ultra high definition live 2D videos.
  • Customizable: The Flying Eye 360 VR 6K live streaming drone can be customized to suit individual requirements.
  • Broadcast Standards: The Flying Eye system outputs professional-grade 4K 6G-SDI, 6K H.265 (HEVC), or 6K NDI.
  • Operation: It requires just one person to operate the system.
  • Applications: It’s still early days, yet it can serve as a broadcast option for events, current affairs, news, music, sports, etc. The list of uses for Flying Eye System is growing day by day.
  • Platform: To mount their camera, 360 Designs uses one of the commercial UAVs of the DJI Matrice 600 Series. The platform is very flexible, perfect for other applications as well.

Where to Buy Flying Eye VR Live Streaming Drone

The world’s first 360-degree virtual reality 6K broadcasting quality live streaming drone designed by 360 designs is priced at $75000. The Flying Eye system is also available for rent or as a service from the makers. The system, including the UAV, camera, etc. can be brought online directly from 360 Designs. To check the price, availability, and other important information, visit the official website of 360 Designs.

About 360 Designs

360 Designs is a leading virtual reality specialist company offering VR related hardware and services for some of the top brands in the world. The company is widely known for continually pushing the limits of virtual reality technology. Their creative and technical expertise in this area has enabled them to work with customers, including Red Bull, NVIDIA, PBS, MTV, AMD, and Google. In the past two years, the makers have produced and broadcasted live concerts for Sony Music, and events such as the Copa America, SXSW, and the Oscars in virtual reality. 360 Designs’ latest innovation – the Flying Eye is the world’s first 360-degree 6K virtual reality broadcast quality live streaming drone.