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Platform Oculus Rift (Platform)
Device DK1, DK2
Operating System Windows, Mac
Type Experience
Genre Casual, Simulation, Exploration, Educational
Input Device Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad
Game Mode Single Player, Multi-Player, Co-Op
App Store Oculus Share

Convrge is a social VR app founded by Shawn Whiting and Hayden Lee. It allows users to hang out, meet up, create discussions and set up lectures in an immersive VR environment. Convrge is known for hosting various events.

On February 25, 2016, Whiting and Lee announced that they have stopped working on Convrge. While they will keep the server on for the time being, they will move into different projects in the VR sphere.

Hayden Lee joined BigScreen, another Social VR app, as a co-founder.


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