Comparison of tracking systems

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There are several consumer-level tracking systems currently available. Originally, these were used for interaction with regular non-VR video games, but more recent tracking systems have been used for VR systems.

Brand & Model Tracking system Inside-out Outside-in Marker-based Marker
IMU Spacial
Facebook/Oculus Rift Constellation No Yes Yes Infrared Yes  ?  ?
IndoTraq HSVT Yes No No Infrared Yes 0.3 10
HTC Vive/SteamVR Lighthouse Yes No Yes Infrared Yes 0.3 15
Microsoft HoloLens  ?? Yes No No Infrared Yes  ?  ?
Nintendo Wii Remote  ?? Yes No Yes Infrared Yes  ?  ?
Sony PSVR  ?? No Yes Yes Red/Green/Blue Yes  ? 18
Google WorldSense Yes No No  ? Yes  ?  ?

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