2016 Proto Awards

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2016 Proto Awards
Type Contest
Format Private Judging
Presenter The Virtual Reality Foundation, AMD
Sponsor AMD
Requirement Various (16 categories)
Winner Tilt Brush
Dates Submission: 7/10/2016 - 7/24/2016, Awards Ceremony: 10/8/2016
Previous 2015 Proto Awards
Next 2017 Proto Awards
Website http://www.protoawards.com/
2016 Proto Awards is the 3rd annual Proto Awards virtual reality contest presented by The Virtual Reality Foundation (VRF), the organization behind VRLA.

The award is a great opportunity for the new generation artists or technologists to submit their creative works on virtual reality. The Virtual Reality Foundation (VRF) has announced the dates for the 2016 Proto Awards. The submission date will be between July 10 to 24. Voting by the Board of Governors will be on August 15 to 29. Finally, to determine the overall champion, the General membership voting will be held from September 5 to 15. The 2016 Proto Awards ceremony is held in AVALON in Hollywood, CA on October 8, 2016. This is surely an event to look forward to for virtual reality enthusiasts.

The award ceremony is hosted by Ron Funches.

Categories, Nominees and Winners

Category Nominees Winner
Best Original Score Pearl, Zen Zone, Pixel Ripped 1989, Apollo 11 VR, Windlands, The Rose And I Pearl
Best Live Action Experience The Argo File, Music From Every Angle, Hard World for Small Things, Zoolander Infinity, Waves, The Presence The Argo File
Best Narrative Experience The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed, Waves, Knives, Pearl, The Martian VR Experience, Kiya The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed
Best Sound Design Space Pirate Trainer, Zen Zone, Trials on Tatooine: A Cinematic Star Wars Experiment, Chronos, Reeps One: Does Not Exist, Land’s End Space Pirate Trainer
Best Social Experience AltspaceVR, Lecture VR, Rec Room, Pool Nation VR, New Retro Arcade: Neon, Speech Center VR AltspaceVR
Best Gameplay Space Pirate Trainer, Raw Data, The Gallery, Job Simulator, The Climb, Bullet Train Space Pirate Trainer
Best Educational Experience Apollo 11 VR, Lecture VR, Lab, House of Languages VR, C O S M Worlds Within Worlds, The Field Trip to Mars Apollo 11 VR
Best Music Experience Soundscape , Old Friend, Music From Every Angle, Grace, SoundStage, Apex Soundscape
Best Mobile Experience Tactera, The Night Cafe: A VR Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, Ctrl, Zen Zone, Pearl, Music From Every Angle Tactera
Most Innovative Tilt Brush, Pixel Ripped 1989, Blocks, VR Noir: A Day Before the Night, The Lab, FIREBIRD: La Peri (Book 1) Tilt Brush
Best Interaction Design Fantastic Contraption, Job Simulator, Waltz of the Wizard, SoundStage, Tilt Brush, Rec Room Fantastic Contraption
Best Graphical User Interface Modbox, Dota VR Hub, Envelop VR, Orian Trail VR, Transport, Speech Center VR Modbox
Best Student Experience Fruit Golf, Shining360, Lions & Deer, Chapel, My real virtual body: Body Swapping in virtual reality Fruit Golf
Best Art Direction FIREBIRD: La Peri (Book 1) – Innerspace VRKismet , Chronos, Apex, Cosmic Trip, theBlu FIREBIRD: La Peri (Book 1) – Innerspace VRKismet
Best Independent Experience Space Pirate Trainer, Tactera, SoundStage, Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, Shape Space VR, Windlands Space Pirate Trainer
Most Transportive Experience theBlu, Apollo 11 VR, The Climb, ADR1FT, Old Friend, Irrational Exuberance: Prologue theBlu
Best Overall Tilt Brush, Raw Data, Space Pirate Trainer, Bullet Train, Modbox, The Lab Tilt Brush





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