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Type Input Device
Subtype Hands/Fingers Tracking, Haptics
Developer VRgluv, LLC
Operating System HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Tracking 12DOF
Latency 10ms
Connectivity Wireless
Power Battery
Weight <1lb
Release Date June, 2018
Website https://vrgluv.com/
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With major VR giants establishing themselves with some of the best VR headsets and tracking technologies, a startup launches its quest to produce one of the most advanced haptic gloves in for serious VR gamers.

Having raised over $150,000 in a Kickstarter campaign, this haptic gloves that provide force feedback on each individual fingers is set to be released in December 2017 and is now available at $349 a unit for backers at Kickstarter.


The VrGluv easily set itself apart from existing competitors with its realistic haptic effect powered by its patent pending technology. Users are able to not only move virtual objects by their hand but also feel the texture and applied hand pressure accordingly to the nature of the object. This is made possible by the advanced full force feedback and force sensitivity of the glove.

The VrGluv hand tracking capability works hand in hand with the tracking system of popular VR systems such as the Oculus Touch, Vive Tracker, and Vive Controller. It also goes beyond hand positioning by accurately tracking the movement of each individual fingers using the built-in sensors of the glove.


The company has taken great care in the ergonomic of VrGluv design. It noted that wires reduces the VR experience and got it right from the start for VrGluv. Not only it is wireless, but it also does not need any arm braces or gauntlets that may get in the way. It also takes into consideration of the various sizes of hands and fingers and made the glove adjustable for each individual fingers on top of a wrist strap.

The VrGluv features as many as 5 sensors per finger, to offer a realistic experience where users could not only feel that they are holding an object but also the texture and shape of the virtual object. The glove provides force feedback through a motorized system. Swapping to different tracking controllers is as easy as replacing the respective adapters.


Access to SDK for both Unreal and Unity engine are given to every backer who ordered a pair of VrGluv.


VrGluv was founded by Chris Taylor and Addison Shelton, both with a background in mechanical engineering and VR enthusiasts. They see the lack of high-end comprehensive touch interface devices in a VR market dominated by VR headsets. With the belief that they can offer the complete glove to the VR industry, VrGluv was born.


  • April, 2017 - Kickstarter campaign started
  • December, 2017 - VrGluv release for Kickstarter backers.


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