Wayward Sky

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Wayward Sky
VR/AR Virtual Reality
Developer Uber Entertainment
Publisher Uber Entertainment
Director Chandana Ekanayake
Platform PlayStation VR
Device PlayStation VR
Operating System PlayStation
Type Full Game
Genre Puzzle, Adventure
Input Device PlayStation Move controllers
Game Mode Single Player
Website Info About Wayward Sky
Infobox Updated 8/5/2016

Wayward Sky is a third person single player adventure game that focuses on atmosphere and storytelling through light puzzle solving designed to ease players into VR. The player plays as Bess, a young co-pilot flying with his father. The two crash into a mysterious fortress that emerges out of the clouds. With the father kidnapped and plane in ruins, players set out to explore the flying fortress and rescue the father. [1]


The game was announced on Jun 17, 2015 by Chandana Ekanayake, Game Director of Wayward Sky at Uber Entertainment.[2]

The main goal of the project is to introduce Morpheus players into virtual reality gaming. This is accomplished chiefly by limiting interactivity to just pointing and pressing an action button on the PS4 controller. As such, players won't have to focus on how to navigate the virtual space, and they can, instead, immerse themselves in the virtual environment.

Most of the game is played from the third-person perspective, but the camera also sometimes switches to the first-person view, which is scaled to a standard human perspective to create the illusion of presence.

One thing that the developers had to overcome is the issue of camera movement. Taking the control over the camera movement out of the hands of players could result in "a disconnect between what your eyes see and what your body is experiencing," said Chandana Ekanayake.[3] Their solution are special transitional passages called "blinks". They let players know that a change in a camera angle is coming, while allowing them to fully explore the world around them.

System Requirements

The game is designed for PlayStation VR, which works with the PlayStation 4 video game system. Players won't need to invest in any additional hardware, besides the console and the VR headset.

Setup Instructions

Just like other PlayStation VR games, Wayward Sky will be distributed digitally and installed automatically via PlayStation's content delivery platform.

Images and Videos


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