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Developer Halsey Minor
Device Oculus Rift (Platform), Samsung Gear VR
Operating System Windows, Mac
Type Social
Genre Social
Price Free
Website http://www.voxelus.com/
Voxelus is a voxel-based Social VR platform that allows anyone to create, play and share Virtual Reality (VR) games and experiences without any programming knowledge. Anyone can design their own 3D worlds and fill them with animated characters and customizable shapes using Voxelus’s simple and intuitive drag and drop tools.


Voxelus can be used to create and play VR games, virtual spaces and virtual experiences without a single line of code. It is a flexible platform suitable for all ages and every type of content. Voxelus has a library of 250 animated 3D characters and objects that can be used in the to fill the virtual worlds created by its users. Users also have the freedom to create their own characters and models. The platform is compatible with existing 3D formats such as OBJ and FBX.[1]

According to its creator, Voxelus allows anyone ranging from 12-year olds to movie directors, video game creators, CEOs and video game players to use their own imagination and creativity to design 3D worlds. Voxelus hopes to be Minecraft of VR. All modern PCs and Mac systems have the ability to run Voxelus and the content can be run easily on both Oculus Rift (Platform) and Samsung Gear VR devices.[2]


Voxelus consist of 3 core components:

Voxelus Creator

Voxelus Creator allows video game studios, Hollywood professionals, students, gamers and even simple individuals to create their own virtual worlds and games. Voxelus is a real-time online creative platform which does not require any complicated or sophisticated coding. but It employs a simple drag-and-drop UI, providing an user-friendly environment.

Voxelus Viewer

This element allows the created content to be viewed and played on VR hardware such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

Voxelus Marketplace

Creators have the ability to sell, share or display their created content using a unique currency called VoxCoins to a global market.

The platform allows free content and tools to create new virtual worlds and content but there is paid and premium content too for designing new games and experiences.[2] The private pre-sale of the in-game currency, VoxCoins or Voxels (VOX) showed the sales of 1.2 million VOX for 1022 Bitcoin valued at around $350,000 making it the largest amount raised in the form of cryptographic token.[3]

Future of Voxelus

The company does not boast that every game created using this platform will be a big success but Volxelus COO Maximo Radice suggests that Voxelus is a big step forward in the world of VR and this platform may enable some of the users to gain fame and popularity like the YouTube sensation Pewdiepie.[4]

About the creator

Voxelus is co-created by Halsey Minor, who is also the co-founder of CNET, Google Voice and Uphold. According to Minor, Voxelus will allow content producers globally to envision and create immersive experiences, 3D games and virtual worlds and share their finished product immediately after creation with millions of users across the globe.< I hope we all survive the depression that came for some of us that missed out on preservation at Martin's Hundred in Virginia due to lack of interest in King James Bible history and preservation. Who would be caught dead helping poor people in such trivial pursuits anyway I guess. Gaming is far more lucrative than using religion to actually reverse the mentally ill motives of Nuclear Armed countries that hate religion even though we have some leaders that cold have worked in peace. The bad guys win.


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