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Type Private
Industry 360 Video
Founded 2012
Founder JNicolas Burtey
Headquarters Paris, France
Website VideoStitch
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VideoStitch is a project focused on bringing the highest quality Post-production and Live 360° video content creation software to content producers and creatives all over the world. Its origins date back to 2010 and the company creators were faced with a difficult task of how to manually stitch footage for their 360-degree videos. This problem gave birth to the VideoStitch software and other related tools. The company has managed to raise $2.75m and its headquarters are located in Paris.

Software Products

VideoStitch Studio is a flagship product of VideoStitch, and it greatly simplifies the otherwise demanding task of stitching individual video files into a single seamless 360 video suitable for virtual reality use. The software automates the whole video stitching process and includes many sophisticated features such as real-time preview, automatic calibration, PTGui or Hugin editing, video stabilization, intuitive orientation controls, automatic exposure compensation, exposure and color correction, frame-accurate synchronization, multi-GPU support, and extensive compatibility with many established VR headsets and players.

Finished videos can be played using Vahana VR, which is another software solution developed by VideoStitch. It is said to be the world’s first live VR video software, and it enables real-time playback of 360 videos in resolutions up to 8k or more. The software is compatible with all current platforms and ready for professional broadcasting application.

Hardware Products

The company manufactures several different hardware solutions built specifically for 360-degree video capture. Amateurs and professionals who do not plan on broadcasting their footage live using Vahana VR can choose from a selection of ready to use GoPro rigs. These rigs support from 6 to 10 GoPro cameras, and their use ranges anywhere from general purpose videography to Ultra HD video production with the full spherical field of view. An alternative to the GoPro system is the ELMO Panoramic system, which contains 4 QBiC wide angle cameras.

However, these systems are not designed for live 360-degree video broadcasting due to their insufficient cable management. The Freedom 360 Broadcaster rig solves this issue, leaving only 40° blind spot where cables and power supply come out.

360 Video Stitching

First, the individual footage is captured using a setup of the camera with overlapping fields of view, which together produce a 360-degree field of view. These footages are automatically stitched together to produce a single panoramic video in a “world map” style of geometric projection. It is up to the video player to decide which parts of the video to show to the user.