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How can I get a new locomotion method added to this page? I have created a new dual foot controller called HoboLoco. Here's the information that I propose be added:

Method: Foot controller with two independently rotatable foot pads Type: Seated, Stand-on Required Devices: HoboLoco controller Description: HoboLoco controllers are operated by a user's two feet. Each of the two plates on which the user's feet rest can be tilted independently toe down or heel down or left in a neutral (flat) position. The combination and degree of tilts determines direction and speed of travel. Strafing is activated by rolling the ankle outward. Some are designed for seated use and others for standing use. Pros: Control speed and direction smoothly - forward, backward, arc'ing, rotating in place, rotating on one foot, strafing (sideways). The amount of effort is very low. It is intuitive and takes only a few moments for a new user to become adept at controlling their movements in VR or in an FPS game on a flat monitor. Movement is not limited by physical space. Cons: Seated controllers may be for seated use only (unless designed to be convertible to standing use); Stand-on controllers may present a risk to users when stepping off Creator: Examples: patented in U.S., Korea, China, and Japan. See: