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Starfield ExploringPlanets.jpg

Starfield, the highly anticipated new open world space RPG from Bethesda, has generated a lot of buzz around how players will experience the game. Though Starfield is not confirmed to have official VR or AR support, there is speculation within the Starfield Wiki community about how immersive these technologies could make the game.


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) offer two distinct ways players could explore the vast reaches of space and over 1,000 explorable planets in Starfield. VR would fully immerse players in a simulated version of the Starfield universe. Every planet visited, spaceship piloted, and firefight engaged in would be experienced as if the player was truly there in virtual reality. This could greatly enhance the realism and role-playing potential of Starfield, making players feel like they are actual space explorers.

On the other hand, AR could allow players to experience Starfield by overlaying visuals and information onto the real world. For example, an AR app could use a phone's camera to project different Starfield ships and characters into the player's surroundings. Players could walk around and observe 3D models of in-game content integrated into their real environment. AR could also display data like quest logs, maps, and equipment stats on demand as the player explores the world around them.

While VR aims to fully replicate the Starfield universe, AR augmentations complement and enhance the real world that players already inhabit. Both technologies could allow for greater immersion and unique experiences not possible playing Starfield on a TV or monitor. Diehard fans on the Starfield Wiki speculate on the pros and cons of each approach.

The potential for community-made VR and AR mods is also being discussed, given Bethesda's traditionally strong mod support in games like Skyrim. Some ambitious modders believe they could create interactive VR spaceships and detailed AR character models to unofficially bring Starfield into new realities. Whether Bethesda has any official VR/AR plans for Starfield remains to be seen, but the community excitement highlights the potential of immersive technologies to take RPG experiences to incredible new heights.

Starfield in VR

Immersive Experience

Playing Starfield in VR would likely elevate the player's sense of immersion, making the exploration of alien planets and galaxies more compelling. Imagine standing on the bridge of your own starship, navigating through asteroid fields, or stepping onto an alien world for the first time, all in 360-degree VR environments.

Combat Challenges

VR could add layers of complexity to Starfield's combat system. Whether it's shooting down enemies in dogfights or landing that perfect sniper shot, VR could offer a physically engaging challenge.


However, a full VR version could be limited by the current technology. Extended gameplay might induce fatigue, and the current field of view in VR headsets might not fully capture Starfield's sprawling vistas.

Starfield in AR

Enhanced Gameplay

Playing Starfield in AR wouldn't offer the same level of immersion as VR, but it could provide a layer of interaction that's not possible in traditional gaming or VR. Picture modifying your ship's blueprints with hand gestures or receiving holographic quest updates in real-time.


Unlike VR, AR wouldn't tie you to a specific place. This would allow a seamless integration of Starfield into your daily life, making the game more accessible and potentially more social.


AR generally works better in controlled environments, and translating a complex RPG like Starfield into AR could be challenging. The technology would need to map and interpret real-world environments while layering the game world on top.