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*Developers can create any applications for OpenVR. The SDK is distributed on a licence with no content restriction or any kind of gatekeepers. There is no certification process for OpenVR apps. <ref name="svvr2015"></ref>
*OpenVR apps are not required to be distributed on [[Steam]]. Developers can distribute their apps on any channel.<ref name="svvr2015"></ref>
*Lower barrier to entry for new hardware. Manufactures can create any hardware they want for OpenVR without Valve's explicit permission. OpenVR allows existing apps to run on new hardware without any modifications.<ref name="svvr2015"></ref>
*OpenVR apps are ''future proof''. OpenVR [[runtime]] updates without any application changes. Apps do not need to be modified to support new hardware or software updates.<ref name="svvr2015"></ref>
*OpenVR API and runtime are supported on [[Windows]], [[Mac]] and [[Linux]].<refname="svvr2015"></ref>

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