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Arena Infinity

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{{Device Infobox
|image=[[File:Arena Infinity.jpg|400px]]
|VR/AR=Virtual Reality
|Subtype=Haptic Gun Controller
|Developer=Striker VR
|Operating System=
|Requires=Head-mounted Display
|Pixel Density=
|Refresh Rate=
|Field of View=
|Tracking= Sixense STEM, PhaseSpace, Integrated Tracking
|Rotational Tracking=
|Positional Tracking=
|Update Rate=
|Tracking Volume=
|Input=Dual Touchpads, Trigger, L / R Secondary Buttons, and Base Button,
|Connectivity=Micro USB
|Power=AI33V Battery
|Cable Length=
|Release Date=
=Arena Infinity – Haptic Gun Controller From Striker VR=
Arena Infinity is [[Striker VR]]’s first [[gun controller]] that uses the revolutionary [[haptic technology]]. The new [[VR]] gun can accurately imitate the function of various weapons. The creators of this gun, Striker VR first unveiled the design in April last year. The first working prototype was introduced to the public in August later that year.

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