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How to Get Started in VR Development

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Once you've chosen an engine or web application, the next step is to get familiar with it. Learn the basics of whatever programming language your tools use -- whether it's [[C++]] and [[Blueprints Visual Scripting]](UE4), [[C#]] (Unity), or a custom markup language for web applications. If you're developing for Android, download [[Android Studio]] and try [ deploying a basic app]. For Cardboard and Unity, check out [[Google's SDK]].
The /[[learnVRdev wikiResources Directory]] has links and resources that you will find useful when trying to learn how to use an engine. It's best to follow through with some tutorials to get a feel for the engine, how to manipulate objects in space, and so on. Both Unity and Unreal offer built in VR support, so you can preview your creative works directly in VR!
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