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How to Get Started in VR Development

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==4. Implement Interactivity==
After you've got a feel for the engine and have some artwork to use, the next hurdle is figuring out how you will add interactivity to your projects. I highly suggest first reading up about VR user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) principles -- otherwise your players might end up with achy eyes from poor stereoscopic rendering decisions, or even vomiting from motion sickness. Fortunately, these can be avoiding simply by avoiding locking text to the viewport, or by putting the player camera in a visible capsule (car, spacesuit, cockpit) during movement to reduce nausea. And if you plan to implement hand tracking, it's a good idea to focus on making everything as real as possible -- your research and prototyping will pay off with an impressive sense of presence.
==='''VR UI/UX Resources'''===
* Google's own '''[[Cardboard Design Lab]]''' is perhaps the fastest introduction to this subject.
* Google Developers - '''[[Google I/O 2015 Livefeed - Designing for virtual reality]]'''

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