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Virtual Desktop

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{{App Infobox
|image=[[file:virtual desktop1.jpg|350px]]|VR/AR=[[VR]]
|Developer=[[Guy Godin]]
|Publisher=[[Guy Godin]]|Director=|Producer=|Platform=[[SteamVR]], [[Oculus Rift (Platform)]]|Device=[[DK1HTC Vive]], [[DK2Oculus Rift]]
|Operating System=[[Windows]]
|Type=[[Pre-ReleaseSoftware]]|Genre=[[CasualUtilities]], [[Simulation]], [[360 Video]], [[ExplorationVR]]|Input Device=[[Keyboard/ Mouse]], |Play Area=[[MouseSeated]]|Game Mode=[[Single-Player]]
|Comfort Level=
|Review=Mostly Positive
|Release Date=Mar 31, 2016|Price=$14.99|App Store=[[Steam]]
|Infobox Updated=09/15/2016
[[Virtual Desktop ]] is a [[virtual reality]] [[appVR App]] .__TOC__==Description==Virtual Desktop is an application developed by [[Guy Godin]] that allows for the user to view Oculus Rift and interact with their desktop through an [[HMD]]HTC Vive that lets you use your computer in VR. Users You can operate their Windows operating system's interface through their [[Oculus Rift (Platform)]] devices. The app allows browse the users to access all of their Windows programs such as games, web browser, Microsoft Officewatch movies, media player Netflix or even play games on a giant virtual screen.<br><br>Other features include:<br><ul class="bb_ul"><li>Hardware accelerated 360 video playback<br></li><li>Ability to play/stream YouTube 360 videos<br></li><li>Browse and photo editing software through the [[VR]].view 360 photos<br></li><li>MilkDrop support for music visualization<br></li><li>3D Side-By-Side video support<br></li><li>Game launcher with voice commands<br></li><li>Multi-monitor<br></li><li>Environment Editor to create custom environments<br></li><li>Steam Workshop integration for environments</li></ul>
*[[Steam Workshop]]
==System Requirements==
===Windows=======Minimum====*OS: Windows 8.x or Windows 10*Processor: i5-2500k*Memory: 4 GB RAM*Graphics: NVidia GTX 640 or ATI HD 7000/Rx 200*Storage: 500 MB available space====Recommended====*OS: Windows 10*Processor: i5-2500k*Memory: 4 GB RAM*Graphics: NVidia GTX 760 or ATI Rx 200*Storage: 500 MB available space
==Setup Instructions==
==Images and Videos==
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