Samsung Odyssey

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Samsung Odyssey
Basic Info
VR/AR Virtual Reality
Type Head-mounted display
Subtype Discrete HMD
Platform Windows Mixed Reality
Developer Samsung
Requires PC
Operating System Windows 10
Display Dual LCD display
Resolution 1,440 x 1,600 per eye
Refresh Rate 60-90Hz
Field of View 110 Degree
Optics Fresnel lenses
Tracking 6DOF
Rotational Tracking Gyrometer, Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity Sensor, IPD Sensor
Positional Tracking Inside-out tracking
Latency Low
Connectivity HDMI, USB
Weight Under 645g
Input Samsung Odyssey Motion Controller
Cable Length 4 m


Samsung Odyssey is the latest to join the fray of Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Yet, it is by far the most impressive in terms of features and performance amongst its peers. Priced at $499, it was released on Nov 6th, 2017 and has since been getting favorable reviews amongst VR enthusiasts.

The Samsung Odyssey Headset

As a leader in display technology, Samsung definitely did not disappoint by featuring a 1,440 x 1,600 OLED display on its Odyssey headset. It has a larger resolution compared to other Mixed Reality headset and has a refresh rate of up to 90Hz.

The Samsung Odyssey uses Fresnel lenses to provide 110-degree FOV that enables immersive virtual experience. As with other Windows Mixed Reality headset, it is installed with 2 front facing camera that enables 6DoF inside out tracking. This eliminates the need for external tracking beacons.

Samsung opted for a matte black design for its headset. Despite being without a flip-up visor, users claimed that the headset felt comfortable on their head. There’s also a knob where users can adjust the distance between the pupils.

Determined to position themselves as the premium offering within the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Samsung Odyssey came with a built-in headphone that justifies the high price it has on the headset. The spatial audio allows the user to dive into the 3D experience without fitting in an external headphone.

The Samsung Odyssey Controller

Based on Windows Mixed Reality reference design, the Samsung Odyssey controller looks does spot a resemblance to other similar controllers albeit with slight ergonomic handle shape. It allows users to comfortably place their thumbs compared to others.

The motion controllers came with the trigger, touchpad, thumbstick, grab, menu and a Windows button arranged strategically for intuitive VR experience.

Samsung Odyssey Performance

Samsung’s superior display technology definitely sets the Samsung Odyssey apart from its peers. In VR, every single pixel matter in delivering a better virtual experience to the users. Its AMOLED technology provides smooth graphics and vivid colors that immerse users in the virtual world.

Apps And Games For Samsung Odyssey

With the Windows Mixed Reality platform gaining momentum, it is important for it to be sustained with quality VR contents. Not only can users download contents from Microsoft Store but they can also anticipate titles from SteamVR as well.

Here are some popular games and apps for Samsung Odyssey

  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Fantastic Contraption
  • Dreadhalls
  • Tea Time Golf
  • Space Pirate Trainer
  • Skyworld

Technical Specifications

Samsung HMD Odyssey (Headset)

Platform Windows Mixed Reality
Display Dual 3.5” AMOLED

1,440 x 1,600 @90/60Hz

Interface HDMI2.0 + USB 3.0 Interface Bound Cable (4m Length)
Lens Single Fresnel
Field of View Φ 66, FOV 110º, 6.7X
IPD 60-72mm Range
Camera 6 DOF Camera x 2
Sensor Gyrometer(6 Axis )|

Compass(3 Axis)|Proximity Sensor| IPD Sensor

Acoustics Cortana|Built-in AKG Headphone
Control & Function IPD Range
Dimension 202mm(W) x 131.5mm(D) x 111mm(H)
Weight 645g

Samsung HMD Odyssey (Controller)

Control & Function Touchpad (Clickable), Menu button

Windows/Controller power button, Trigger, Thumbstick, Indicator light

Sensor Gyrometer(6 Axis )|

Compass(3 Axis)

Battery AA Battery x 2ea
Dimension 154.2 x 119.1 x 119.1mm
Weight 160g


Apps and games developer who’s keen to build onto the Windows Mixed Reality platform can head to the Microsoft Development Center for more resources.


  • October 3 , 2017 - Samsung Odyssey Announced
  • November 6, 2017 - Samsung Odyssey Launched