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Purple Pill VR
Basic Info
Type Camera
Subtype Virtual Reality Camera
Developer Purple Pill
Website Purple Pill VR
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Purple Pill is a startup from Netherlands specializing in the production of cinematic virtual reality experiences and resources that enable their creation. Purple Pill VR is an open-source Virtual Reality Camera that can be downloaded from Purple Pill’s website and printed on any compatible 3D printer.


The main idea behind Purple Pill VR is to enable virtually anybody to get their hands on hardware capable for shooting immersive VR videos without the extremely high cost of professional 3D rig. Another important thing that the team had to tackle is the question of the post-production workflow. Their Cinematic VR Crash Course should provide beginners with a primer on how to produce a great looking stereoscopic 3D and 360° video from start to finish and subsequently distribute it for use with popular VR gear such as Gear VR, Oculus, and Cardboard (Android & iOS).


Purple Pill VR uses 16 GoPro cameras to record 1440p video at 120 frames per second, resulting in a production of 360° x 270° panoramic image. Such a setup produces a noticeable amount of heat, which needs to be mitigated with both pass and active cooling mechanisms. Purple Pill VR can be powered from any compatible car battery.


  • 16 cams @ 1440p
  • Up to 120 frames per second
  • True stereoscopic 3D
  • 360° x 270° panoramic image
  • 4k Ultra HD output resolution
  • Powered through mains/car battery
  • Wired camera remote
  • Active + passive cooling
  • Single cable file export
  • Custom file management software


The output from 16 GoPro cameras creates a new challenge for production in terms of the sheer computing power that is required for processing and also the post-production software itself. The team Purple Pill has prepared a comprehensive online video course that teaches everything beginners may need to become able to produce a professional-level 3D content. The course is available at Udemy.com.