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Project Beyond
Type Camera
Subtype Virtual Reality Camera
Developer Samsung
Website Project Beyond
Project Beyond is a virtual reality camera developed by Samsung. Unveiled on November 12, 2014, Project Beyond is a stereoscopic 3D, 360 degree camera that captures 1 gigapixel of footage per second and streams the content to a Samsung Gear VR HMD. The camera is able to create a live 3D environment of its location for the wearer of the HMD.


  • 16 + 1 Cameras - 16 cameras are placed in pairs with even spacing of 45 degrees around a ring. The extra camera is placed on top.
  • UHD 3D - ultra-high definition 3D images in every direction you look.
  • 1 Gigapixel per second - captures and processes over 35 megapixels per frame.
  • Connected to Gear VR, Samsung TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Stream Live - streams footage of any location the camera is placed in live.
  • Simple and compact - the camera easily moved and placed in any environment.[1]






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