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Developer Emergent VR
Device Smartphones
Operating System Android, iOS
Type Tool
Genre Photography, 360 Video
Mobius is an app and platform developed by Emergent VR that enables the users to capture and share 360 degree videos using smartphones.


The company behind Mobius, Emergent VR, has recently raised $2.2 million from Google Ventures, Accel Partners and Rothernberg Ventures to build Mobius, the mobile app that captures and shares moments through VR. At first, Mobius seems to be a fairly typical 360 degree camera app, similar to Photosynth or Photo Sphere, which have the ability to take 360 degree photos and output the screen in a VR HMD. The distinctive feature of Mobius is that it allows seamless 360 degree video integration in stationary photo spheres. The videos captured can be viewed on VR HMDs (Head Mounted Display) like the Samsung Gear VR.[1]


The core feature of Mobius is that it just uses the camera of existing smartphones to create 360 degree videos. No special rigs or cameras required. Not only that, the 360 videos taken with the app has higher resolution than regular 360 videos, giving more immersive VR experience. While 360 videos are usually created by capturing the scene in many directions using synchronized cameras, Mobius utilizes the regular camera of a smartphone to take the video. The video is obtained by Mobius by integrating the recorded video in one section of the sphere, while the rest comprises of still images. Emergent VR has developed a smart system that stitches the video segment inside the photo sphere.[2]

The users have the ability to scan the area like taking a panoramic image. After being stitched to the stationary image, the video has higher resolution when compared to normal 360° videos and much closer to the resolution of VR videos. The capture takes around 2 minutes and anyone can create it using Mobius. The app is user-friendly and does not require a professional photographer to use. After the capture, the app takes few minutes to render and finalize the video. The immersive video is something that makes motion the center of focus of the observer. The brain perceives the video as if one is living inside the video.[3]

Future of Mobius

Users will be able to import multiple videos into a single 360° video in the future. It allows a video to have multiple concurrent scenes. Facebook also introduced 360° video playback to its platform and Emergent VR aims to enable VR video creation within this sphere, using any smartphone to create casual social VR videos. The company aims to make Mobius, the ‘Instagram’ of VR.

Emergent VR

The Emergent VR team consists of Peter Wilkins, the CEO, Chris Wheeler, who is a virtual reality filmmaker. Both the members previously worked at Disney and DreamWorks. Dan Lelescu, Florian Ciurea and Katya Kostyukova are other members of the team.[4]