Lytro Immerge

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Lytro Immerge
Lytro immerge1.jpg
Basic Info
Type Camera
Subtype Virtual Reality Camera
Developer Lytro
Release Date Q1 2016
Website lytro immerge
Lytro Immerge is a new light field VR video camera from the same company that is behind the Lytro ILLUM and the Original Lytro Light Field Camera. This camera is the first device in the world that is able to capture the full light field volume and give users six degrees of freedom (6DoF). Lytro Immerge comes with a dedicated server that is used to store and process all data captured by the camera and also a set of light field editing tools that integrate with all industry-standard video editors. Lytro wants to give immersive storytellers all the tools they might need to break away from the limitations of standard video experiences. First prototypes should be available to content creators in Q1 2016.


Lytro Immerge is Lytro’s first solution intended for professional filmmakers and content creators. The heart of the system is a globe composed of five rings, which is able to capture a static 360-degree image of a scene. The spherical surface of the globe is made out of hundreds of individual sensors that capture and record every ray of light coming from the outside world. These sensors are able to detect where light rays hit the surface and also the direction which they are traveling. This gives the system enough data to faithfully recreate a model of the scene that is being viewed with six degrees of freedom of movement.

Six degrees of freedom refer to 3 degrees of translation movement (forward/back, up/down, left/right) and 3 degrees of rotation movement (pitch, yaw, and roll). Together, these six degrees enable expression of absolutely any movement of a rigid body.

Even though the camera stays stationary, users can move closer and further away from any object in a scene and thus explore their surroundings in a new, immersive way. The first generation product will have only a limited range of movement, but this can improve with time by building bigger camera spheres and implementing various other configurations for different types of shooting situations.


Lytro Immerge includes a configurable, dense light field camera array with professional cinematic video quality and a dedicated server for storage and processing of light field data with ultra-high bandwidth direct-to-disk capture ability. Each server should be able to hold approximately an hour of 360-degree light-field video footage. For the first time in history, a camera is able to capture the full light field volume and thus give consumers six degrees of freedom experience. A total of five layers full of 360-degree cameras and sensors allow for accurate horizontal and vertical parallax, which is needed for realistic incorporation of CGI elements in the video. Each layer has approximately three to four times the data and resolution of any existing VR camera. According to Lytro, this could translate to up to 2k per eye in VR headsets.



The goal of this system is to introduce a new range of immersive storytelling experiences. To accomplish this goal, Lytro has developed a set of light field plugins for standard visual effect tools like Nuke, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Avid Media Composer that allow creators to seamlessly blend computer graphics and live action footage into one cohesive piece. These creations can be viewed on common virtual reality headsets and platforms thanks to dedicated light field video playback engine from Lytro.