Impression Pi

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Impression Pi
Impression pi1.png
VR/AR Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
Type Head-mounted display
Subtype Slide-on HMD, Integrated HMD
Developer uSens
Operating System Android, iOS
Versions Starter Package, Core Package, Empower Package, Master Package
Requires Smartphone
Display Depends on smartphone
Resolution Depends on the smartphone
Pixel Density 400+ PPI
Tracking 6 DOF
Rotational Tracking IMU Board
Positional Tracking IMU Board, Infared Cameras?, IR Projector?
Camera Dual RGB and IR cameras
Size 175x95x90mm

Impression Pi or Impression π is a mobile Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Head-mounted Display founded by Yue Fei (CTO), AnLi He (CEO) and Chris Shi (COO) of uSens. Similar to Samsung Gear VR, Impression Pi is wireless and requires the insertion of a smartphone for its display and processor. The HMD has built-in positional tracking in addition to rotational tracking. The device also has two front facing cameras that enables it to not only create AR projections but also track the motion of your hands and fingers.

A Kickstarter campaign for Impression Pi began in March 2015. Users who have pledged $59, $199, $249, $359 will receive a Starter Package, Core Package, Empower Package or Master Package respectively.


Impression Pi requires a smartphone with 5 inch or larger screen with pixel density of 400 pixels per inch or more.

Unlike Samsung Gear VR, Impression Pi has a internal positional tracking system. It uses its internal infrared cameras to read the environment and record your position. For better results, you can turn on its internal IR projector to beam light off walls and allow for better tracking.

Starter Package

Starter Package includes the Impression Pi faceplate. It allows the user to insert their smartphone and utilize basic VR functions and VR apps from the phone. Think of it as a more stylish Google Cardboard.

Users can upgrade the Starter Package to Empowered Package by installing the Core board.

Core Package

The Core package comes with a integrated board with higher performance IMU, computer vision module and dual RGB and IR cameras for gesture recognition, hand and finger tracking, positional tracking and creating AR overlays. It can be used to construct your own head-mounted display and any other DIY projects.

Core board is included Empowered and Master Packages.

Empowered Package

Empowered Package is a Impression Pi faceplate with a Core integrated board pre-installed. It combines the functions of Starter and Core Packages.

Master Package

Master Package has everything from Empowered Package along with an integrated screen and a processing unit. It no longer requires the insertion of a smartphone because it has a built-in display and processing unit that runs Android.

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March 2015: Kickstarter Campaign for Impression Pi began with the goal of $78,000.

June 11, 2016: uSens, Impression Pi's developer, announced that they have raised 20 million dollars in Series A Round of Venture Funding. They will use the funds to develop and launch non-controller head and hand tracking tools.

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