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Developer WakingApp
Operating System iOS, Android
Website http://www.wakingapp.com/
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ENTiTi is an innovative platform that allows for a creation of interactive and dynamic augmented reality and virtual reality experiences without any previous technical experience. This cloud-enabled application allows content to be quickly published online for any mobile device or smart glasses.


ENTiTi uses a virtual canvas for high-quality, multi-format content creation and a patent pending logic system that lets creators add interactivity without programming a single line of code. It’s possible to create advanced interactive data connections and even games, without any coding.

Furthermore, the ENTiTi viewer application makes it possible to view all user created content with ease. Users simply need to download the appropriate iOS[1] or Android[2] application.

ENTiTi is set to bring augmented and virtual reality to industries such as advertising, real estate, retail, services, education, games, and many others.

About WakingApp

WakingApp, the company behind ENTiTi, was founded in 2013 with a vision to revolutionize augmented reality and virtual reality content creation through free and unlimited tools that enable the effortless creation of AR/VR content. The company employs 15 experts, and is managed by Udi Shani (CEO) and Alon Melchner (Founder and President). To date, the Company has raised more than $2.0 million.

WakingApp has conducted their first Hackaton (App-a-thon) with ENTiTi VR platform for Samsung Gear VR devices. The main focus of this event was on creating interactive content for VR without any knowledge or programming. Different teams had the chance to create different application experiences for VR hosted by GemSense company and WakingApp and, in particular, using the ENTiTi development tools for easy content creation and GemSense platform to put the body into virtual reality.

The Hackaton took place on August 20, 2015, at IDC Herzliya.

Partnership with Epson

WakingApp is working with Epson to make its ENTiTi creator platform available for creating AR content on Epson Moverio BT-200 smart glasses.

Presenters at Droidcon TLV demonstrated the ability of the ENTiTi system to help users easily create VR content and interactive applications.

Alon Melchner, President and Founder of WakingApp, said: "We face a revolution where the interaction with digital content will be inseparable from real life via various display devices such as Epson's Smart Glasses. At the same time, computer screens will become obsolete in many environments."


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