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Derealization also known as DR is the feeling that the real world or objective reality is not real. Individuals suffering from derealization feel that their real life external surroundings are lacking in depths, colors or vibrancy. Derealization is related to another dissociative feeling called depersonalization, the feeling that one self is not real.

Researchers have theorized that the rise of virtual reality can lead to increased instances of derealization and other dissociative feelings.[1]

Derealization and Virtual Reality

Researchers from Fernand-Seguin Research Center in Montréal, Québec, Canada found that being immersed in an VR environment increases the feelings of derealization and depersonalization and reduces the sense of presence in objective reality.[1] When compared to individuals with no prior dissociative symptoms, individuals with pre-existing symptoms of derealization and depersonalization showed greater increase in their dissociative symptoms after exposure to VR. However they did not show greater loss of presence in objective reality than individuals with no prior symptoms.[1]


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