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Type Standing, Room-scale
Required Devices Motion-tracked controllers
Description Builds upon Teleportation to create 3 more types of movement techniques called Cinematic Blink, Precision Blink and Volume Blink
Pros Reduce simulator sickness, allows for the scaling of play space sizes
Cons  ???
Creator Cloudhead Games
Examples The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed
Blink is a Locomotion Method.

Additional Information

Created by Cloudhead Games, Blink is a innovative locomotion method originally developed by The Gallery series. Designed to eliminate simulator sickness and operate in various play space sizes, Blink builds upon the Teleportation method. Blink is divided into 3 types of movements: Cinematic Blink, Precision Blink and Volume Blink. Cinematic Blink allows players to look at a location then press a button on the controller to travel there. Precision Blink allows players to display a marker at their destination. Players can use the marker to teleport to a specific location. Volume Blink adds to the previous 2 systems. It uses a marker and a square / circular border that shows not only the destination but also the amount of space players can walk around in after teleporting.




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