Asus HC102

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Asus HC102
Basic Info
VR/AR Virtual Reality
Type Head-mounted display
Subtype Discrete HMD
Platform Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality (Platform)
Developer Asus
Requires PC
Operating System Windows 10
Display Dual LCD display
Resolution 2880 x 1440 (1440 x 1440 per eye)
Refresh Rate 90Hz
Field of View 95 Degree
Optics Fresnel lenses
Tracking 6DOF
Rotational Tracking Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer
Positional Tracking Inside-out tracking
Latency Low
Connectivity HDMI, USB
Weight Under 400g
Input Asus HC102 Motion Controller
Cable Length 4 m


Asus is set to claim its fair share of the VR gaming industry with the HC102 Windows Mixed Reality Headset. The headset, developed in compliance with Windows Mixed Reality specification is scheduled to make its mark on the market at €449. While no official release date has been confirmed, the product’s page hinted that it may be made available in October 2017, the same month when competitor Dell Visor is expected to launch.

Asus HC 102 Key Features

The Asus HC 102 is expected to ship with a pair of motion controllers. On par with competitors, the Asus HC102 came with a full 3K resolution with 1440 x1440 per eye and a frame rate of 90Hz. It offers 6 DoF tracking, not through conventional external sensors, but a couple of inside-out tracking cameras and 32 LED lights on each controller.

Together with its array of sensors like the gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, the headset offers a reliable orientation and perfectly synchronized the real world with the virtual world without latency. The headset also features a unique addition of proximity sensor, that was not included in its competitors’ headset. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack to plug in your best headphones.

Asus HC102 Ergonomic Design

Asus produces a thoughtful ergonomic design with a headset made of premium soft cool-touch fabrics. The design also highlights Asus’s emphasize of hygiene as headsets are often shared between players. It features a special anti-bacterial coating to keep hygiene a priority. The HC102 headset has a visor that can be easily flipped up, to allow the user switch easily between the real and digital world. An ergonomic design that distributes its weight of 400g around the head made it comfortable even for long hours.

Technical Specifications


2x LCD


2880x1200 (combined) 1440x1440 (per eye)

Refresh Rate

90 Hz




Gyroscope Accelerometer Magnetometer Proximity

Position Tracking

Inside-Out Camera (x2)


3.5mm Audio Jack


Microsoft Motion Controllers


Under 400g


6DoF controller x2


The Asus HC102 requires a Windows 10 PC with a Windows 10 Fall Creators upgrade. It is a major update for Windows 10 featuring various huge improvements. The update is scheduled to be available for download on October 17, 2017.


Designed in compliance with Windows Mixed Reality specifications, the Asus HC102 will have access to over 20,000 apps and games that will be available in Microsoft Store on October 17. Some of the popular VR titles include:

  1. Dreams of Dali
  2. Super Hot
  3. Luna
  4. Move
  5. Free The Night
  6. Minecraft
  7. Obduction
  8. Space Pirate Trainer
  9. Arizona Sunshine
  10. Move
  11. Fantastic Contraption


Windows Mixed Reality is an innovation from Microsoft that blends the virtual and real world on a single screen. Design guides and supports can be accessed through Windows Dev Center


Sept, 2017 - Revealed at IFA 2017