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Type Input Device
Subtype Locomotion
Creator Omnifinity
Developer Omnifinity
Manufacturer Omnifinity
Release Date 2011

The Omnideck is an omnidirectional treadmill Input Device developed by MSE Omnifinity in Sweden. It allows unrestrained and unrestricted motion inside virtual reality environments.

First shown to the public in 2011, it was featured as the "Ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator" in the UK show called Gadgetshow, where the user was surrounded by a 360 degree projection screen while playing Battlefield 3.

In 2014 it was demonstrated at I/ITSEC in Florida, US where it was equipped with a Oculus Rift DK2 HMD that was tracked using the Optitrack motion capture system.

Now it uses the HTC Vive as its primary VR System.