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How to Get Started in VR Development

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Computer VR:
Ask yourself: do you want to develop for a computer-driven headset like the Vive, or are you more interested in mobile applications such as GearVR or Google Cardboard? If you don't already own your hardware of choice, do some reasearch and think about what would be best for both your target market and most practical to develop on. If your idea requires motion controls or high-end graphics, stick to computer-driven VR. A list of currently available hardware that is supported by Unity, Unreal, and VR web implementations:
===Computer VR:===
* '''[[HTC Vive]]''', $799 - motion controllers ship with product. iFixIt will show you [[what it looks like]] when you take it apart.
** [[VR Dev School's Vive Mini Course]]
* '''[[Oculus Rift]]''', $599 - motion controllers won't be available until fall. iFixIt [[has also autopsied a Rift]].
**[[Oculus Documentation Pages]]
**[[Oculus Rift in Action]], a blog about designing for the Rift
*'''[[OSVR HDK 1.4]]''', $299 - no motion control*'''[[Razer Hydra]]''', $599 - general-purpose wired motion tracking controller for PC 
===Mobile VR:===
(can use a smartphone as HMD)

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