Ricoh Theta

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Ricoh Theta
Ricoh theta 360 cam1.jpg
Basic Info
VR/AR Virtual Reality
Type 360 Camera
Platform Android, iOS
Creator Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Developer Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Manufacturer Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Price $349.95(Theta S); $249.95(Theta m15)
Website Ricoh Theta 360
Operating System Windows, Mac
Memory 4GB
Power Lithium ion
Weight Approx. 95g
Size 42mm (W) x 129mm (H)x 22.8mm (17.4mm)(D)


The Ricoh Theta is a handheld 360-degree camera that can capture the entire space in front of its wide-angle lens with just a single shot. The compatible Android and iOS application is used for viewing, editing, and sharing of spherical images and video footage. Ricoh's main goal was to bring 360-degree imagery closer to mainstream acceptance, which is reflected in the elegant, slim design and simple control scheme.


The Ricoh Theta uses a special dual-lens design to record 180 degress of horizontal and vertical view. When combined, the final image offers a complete 360x360-degree wraparound spherical image of the world around the camera. [1]

The camera is intended more as a lifestyle gadget than as a professional recording device. The main selling point is the ability to effortlessly capture the entire scene without worrying about framing or composition. Since it fits into any pocket and weighs only half as much a typical smartphone, users can carry it with them anywhere they go.

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables quick pairing with the complementary iOS and Android application, which allows for remote control of the camera, preview of captured images, and convenient access to a multitude of sharing options.


The Ricoh Theta weights about .20 pounds and measures 1.65 x 5.08 x .9 inches. The casing is rubberized to help users securely hold the camera in the hand. Its appearance is mostly characterized with a pair of protruding lenses. Behind them is an image sensor with an automatic ISO range of 100-1600. [2]

The camera stores captured images and video footage onto 4GB of built-in storage. In practice, it can hold around 1200 images.

Technical Specifications

  • Size: 42mm (W) x 129mm (H)x 22.8mm (17.4mm)(D)
  • Weight: Approx. 95g
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Object distance: Approx. 10cm - ∞ (from front of lens)
  • Shooting mode (still): Auto, shutter priority, ISO priority
  • Shooting mode (video): Auto
  • Exposure control mode: Auto
  • Exposure compensation: Manual compensation (-2.0 - +2.0EV, 1/3EV step)
  • ISO sensitivity (still): ISO 100 to 1600
  • ISO sensitivity (video): ISO 100 to 400
  • Shutter speed (still): 1/8000 sec. to 1/7.5 sec.
  • Shutter speed (video): 1/8000 sec. to 1/15 sec.
  • Battery: Lithium ion, approx. 200 photos
  • Usage temperature range: 0°C - 40°C
  • Usage humidity range: 90% or less


The Ricoh Theta application for iOS and Android gives users the ability to use a remote control to shoot photos, view images, and share photos taken with the camera on social networking services, such as Twitter and Facebook.


Ricoh wants to build an entire ecosystem around the camera and supplies developers with API and SDK that they can use to develop their own original applications. Developers can easily access various functions, including the remote shutter, ISO, shutter speed, and exposure compensation settings, or built-in file management tools. [3]