Dynamic FOV Reduction

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Dynamic FOV Reduction, also sometimes referred to as Blinders, Blinkers, or Vignetting, is a user interface feature some VR creators offer in their VR content. In an effort to reduce potential motion sickness, when the user performs certain in-game motion actions, such as turning, running, jumping, falling, driving, etc, their FOV is automatically temporarily reduced. This may help reduce or prevent motion sickness.

The user's view might be restricted to a small circle, or have black borders on the left and right, or the screen may be briefly blacked-out entirely.

In some VR content, this is a feature that can be turned on or off, or adjusted as to when or how often it will occur, and how significantly the FOV will be altered. Setting a FOV Reduction setting to a "strong" setting would mean that the user's FOV is significantly reduced when the reduction is triggered.