Wearality Sky

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Wearality Sky
Wearality sky1.jpg
VR/AR Virtual Reality
Type Head-mounted display
Subtype Slide-on HMD
Platform Wearality Sky
Creator Michael Jones (CEO), David A. Smith (CTO), Gunnar Wieboldt (COO)
Developer Wearality
Requires Smartphone
Display Depends on smartphone
Resolution Depends on smartphone
Field of View 150°
Optics double-Fresnel lenses (2 Fresnel lenses per eye)
Tracking 3DOF
Rotational Tracking IMUs in Smartphone
Positional Tracking None
Website http://wearality.com/
Wearality Sky is a Virtual Reality HMD with 150 degrees field of view and focus on optics. Wearality Sky contains only the optical components of HMD. It requires the insertion of a smartphone for its display and processing, similar to Google Cardboard. Wearality Sky promises an open design with crystal clear and in focus screen, little to no distortion and reduction in simulator sickness.

The Kickstarter campaign for Wearality Sky began in April 2015. It will retail at 100 dollars.


Wearality Sky looks like a pair of glasses with bulky black rims and thick lenses. Sky's most valuable feature is its dual Fresnel lenses (2 Fresnel lenses per eye). These specialized lenses, named Panoramic Lenses, were developed by Lockheed Martin for defense and aerospace industries. The glasses are able to fit any interpupillary distance, supports prescription eyewear and do not have chromatic aberration of the edges.[1]

Wearality Sky is fold-able and works with most 5 and 6 inch smartphones. The smartphones are placed a few inches in front of the lenses.

Dimensions: 158 x 93 x 25 mm

Setup Tutorial




  1. http://wearality.com/WearalitySkyFieldOfView.pdf

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