Virtuix Omni

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Virtuix Omni
Type Input Device
Subtype Feet Tracking, Locomotion
Creator Jan Goetgeluk
Developer Virtuix
Price $699
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Virtuix Omni is a omnidirectional treadmill Input Device for Virtual Reality. It is developed by Virtuix. Omni tracks the movement of your feet through a treadmill-like surface. Users can walk or run on the Omni treadmill and have their movements reflected within a VR game or world.

Omni completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in July 2013.


  • The Virtuix Omni is a "slip-mill," a passive treadmill that has no moving parts except for the player and functions by making the player's feet slip back to the center with every step. It requires specialized shoes with a couple of large slippery nubs on the bottom.

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